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Mercedes C220 Specifications

This C220 sedan weighs 3,150 lb. and has a wheelbase of 105.9 inches. It is 177.4 inches long, 67.7 inches wide and 56.1 inches high. The front track width is 58.8 inches, while the rear track width is 57.6 inches. The sedan uses 195/65R15 tires and is able to seat five passengers. Inside, the C220 provides 37.2 inches of front seat headroom and 37 inches of rear headroom. The front seat has 41.5 inches of legroom and back seat has 32.8 inches of legroom. There are 54.6 inches of front shoulder room, 54.3 inches of rear shoulder room, 52.8 inches of front hip room and adidas tenisky 53.9 inches of rear hip room.

Standard features included air conditioning, adidas obuv 2015 cruise control and a cassette player.

Opening the hood on older Mercedes models, including the C220, requires steps that are difficult to figure out if you don have.