Public Speaking

You can just imagine the anticipation building as people fill into the room and take their seats. You have the keynote speaking role and people are waiting to hear you share your expertise with the room. These horrible feelings have been building up for months inside you but tonight the pressure is boiling over. Your palms begin to sweat, your mouth becomes dry and your heart feels like it might break through your rib cage. If you think you are the first one to find yourself in this predicament, you would be wrong. Many across the world are afflicted with glossophobia, or fear of public speaking.

Face your fears about Public Speaking

speakingYou’ll either have to stand and face the music now, or you’ll be running from this one the rest of your life. Public speaking is an important skill that we are called upon to use from time to time because we have become trustworthy in a particular subject. Maybe you have become influential in your companies leadership structure or perhaps you are an expert in your field. Sometimes, neglecting speaking roles can hinder your success.

Condition yourself for success, with hypnosis

It all comes down to proper conditioning. We really don’t have much control over the situations we will face, we can only hope to gain control over how we react to the situations that present themselves. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, to tap into the decision making part of the brain that governs our internal defense mechanism. While under hypnosis, the mind is receptive to positive suggestions and affirmations that will act as anchor points when you are invited to participate in public speaking engagements. Through hypnotherapy, you will gain confidence in your ability to act as an expert in your field through public speaking roles. Through hypnotherapy you will become a more effective contributor in meetings that used to give you anxiety.