Reconnective Healing ®


healinghands150x150Reconnective Healing is healing beyond the limitations of just belief. It comes from a divine source that includes a multi-dimensional bandwidth of higher frequencies of Energy, Light, & Information. These subtle healing frequencies can help balance and heal on multiple levels, more than just the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, as they effect us at a cellular level.

Reconnective Healing works outside of three-dimensional consciousness, connecting us to our higher blueprint without the physical limitations of this world’s apparent reality, outside of time and space. Reconnective healing transcends techniques and limitations of energy healing. Scientific studies show that these frequencies initiated with Reconnective Healing are real and different.

It is not necessary to know what the client’s specific dis-ease, issues or need is, and it is probably best if we don’t know. Reconnective Healing practitioners do not “direct” the healing session, diagnose or treat disease. The Source/Universe already knows ALL there is to know about each of us. The result is always what is most appropriate for the client at the time. Two different people with the same issue or disease might have two different outcomes. Ultimately, the Practitioner is a catalyst for initiating a healing equation between the clients Higher Self and the Universe. Scientific studies reveal that we are not sending frequencies but receiving frequencies!

Benefits often experienced and reported after a session: Everyone will have an experience that is unique and perfect for them. You may experience a sense of being more in balance physically or emotionally and more touch with your inner self. Often people experience deep peace or profound relaxation. Some report relief from mental or emotional stress, pain or other physical maladies. Others have reported healings from serious afflictions. Some report seeing angels or guides; others experience visions, colors, lights, and sounds they’ve never known before. Whether one experiences events such as these or nothing at all, the Reconnective Healing frequencies are effecting their purpose.

Distance Reconnective Healing sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions because these frequencies are outside the limitations of time and space. Distance Sessions are perfect for people or animals that are not able to come in person for a session. Loved ones may want to extend a healing session for a friend, family member, or animal in need who lives in another part of the country or world. Prior knowledge or consent from the individual is not necessary.

In person Session information: To obtain the full benefit of your session, please dress comfortably and refrain from wearing fragrances or aromas. Jewelry, rings belts, cell phones etc. are fine as long as your comfortable because they do not interfere with these frequencies. You will be lying on your back on a padded massage table with your eyes closed. I will accommodate you as best I can.

The optimal state for you to be is to be open and let go without having any attachments or specific expectations to outcome. Allow yourself to relax, enjoy and simply notice what your experience is. Trust in the Universal Intelligence.

Reconnective Healing sessions are scheduled for an hour. Typically your time on the table interacting with these frequencies will last approximately 30-45 minutes, the remainder of the session allows time for debriefing and paperwork. The healing occurs outside of the constraints of time and space, so more time is not better.