Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Products are unique masterpieces of form and harmony. The glassware and porcelain tableware, all designed using the Golden Ratio design principle, are like musical compositions in solid form. Their subtle waves of form complement each other, as in a symphony or sonata.
These practical and yet beautiful products are – for the most part – hand-made and a positive addition to your home, office, spa or retreat center.

Discover for yourself the amazing difference these products can make in your experience. Just having these Golden Ratio Products in your environment raises the vibratory level of your surroundings and energizes the physical spaces in which they are placed.
We too are seekers and students of consciousness, which is what attracted us to these products in the first place.

Knowing that the creative expression of certain artists and crafts-people are showing us how to translate the ages-old awareness of the Golden Ratio design principle into physical forms, is an inspiration and our primary motivation for bringing these product lines to the countries of North America.


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