Quit Smoking

The time to Quit Smoking is now

You likely don’t need anyone to tell you that smoking is bad. You’ve heard its detriments repeated over and over by family, friends and even partners as they implore you to quit. You’ve felt that nagging sense of resigned failure every time you lift a lighter for “just this one” that pulled you off of the path to quitting. You’ve seen the anti-smoking commercials on television, heard the radio ads and viewed the billboards on your drive to work. You know you need to quit – it’s just so hard that you’ve gotten to a place where you wonder if you even can. You can, and you will, with hypnosis therapy.

cigarettes-cause-cancerMedical science examines the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the mouth and throat – but none of these organs actually cause the problem. Your brain is the culprit, and your brain is where the problem lies. Hypnotherapy addresses the core of the problem, the mental reliance and emotional cravings that lead to lighting up, and pushes them away from controlling your life. By helping your brain “unlearn” the dependence it has on the physical act of smoking and the stress reactions that cause you to start, hypnosis can give you a fresh start away from cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy provides lasting power over Cigarette addiction

While nicotine replacement therapy products like patches and gum are a vital part of a recovery plan for some, misplacing or forgetting them in the course of day-to-day activities can be devastating to progress. Hypnosis not only helps address the original cause of your cigarette dependency, it also gives you mental tools to quiet cravings and deal with stress using nothing but the power of your mind – not cigarettes. Through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and other hypnosis treatment points, you’ll be able to transform into a successful self-ally when the cravings come calling and your gum is missing in action.

Quit Smoking today, have a healthy tomorrow

If you knew you were in life-threatening danger and someone offered you an option to avoid that danger entirely, there’s little doubt you’d take it. Cigarettes are that life-threatening danger right now – a slow progression towards poor health, secondhand smoke that puts your loved ones at risk, and even financial hardship from constantly paying for packs. Hypnosis is your option to sidestep these damaging realities and forge one of your own – free of the pull and power of your addiction. You wouldn’t hesitate to accept a hand up from the cliff you were dangling from, or a helicopter ride out of a deadly forest fire, so don’t look the other way when help is so readily available to beat cigarette addiction once and for all.

You have always found time, money and attention for a cigarette, and it’s time to start turning that effort into a far more rewarding pursuit: recovery through hypnosis. Toss that pack today and call our offices: we’re ready to help you beat the butt and put out the fires of addiction permanently.