Weight Loss

Understand your Weight Loss issue

The journey to a healthy self-image is a goal that runs right alongside efforts to lose weight. Without properly addressing the core of a problem with overeating, even those that have managed to slim down already are facing a seriously uphill challenge in the weeks and months to come. While dieting and similar efforts are obviously a necessary component to losing weight, image therapy and emotional control through methods like hypnosis are equally vital in the fight against fat. Using one without the other will only be semi-effective at best, leading into a damaging cycle of intensified self-image struggles and subsequent crash dieting.

Lose Weight, feel great with Hypnosis

lose-weight-hypnotherapyFood makes a convenient target for anger, hatred and blame when it comes to losing weight. While this focus can feel right in the short term, it doesn’t have the “gas” to travel through your recovery from overeating tendencies, and thus will only fall short in the long run. Hypnotherapy will help you see food as physical sustenance instead of emotional sustenance, allowing you to enjoy eating again instead of viewing it as the culprit to your curves. After all, you need to eat for the rest of your life – why not look forward to each meal instead of loading up your plate with expectations, disappointments and fears?

Hypnosis therapy is all about you, which means there aren’t any weigh-ins, embarrassing checklists or an audience looking at you while you’re feeling vulnerable. You are in control of your own sessions, from initial scheduling to the guidance paths your hypnotherapist uses to help you. You are struggling with the weight of your mind as well as your body, and your hypnosis therapist is ready to lighten that burden for you. You can relax and be yourself in a weight loss hypnosis session, an important consideration if you’re dealing with the frenetic energy of weight loss programs, gyms and meetings already.

The role of dieting & hypnotherapy

Many effective dieting supplements and programs are taken during the course of your dieting routine to increase results, and weight loss hypnosis therapy is no different. Your hypnotherapist will not only help you face and defeat the emotional hurdles that are holding back your weight loss progression, they will also provide you with a mental image or idea to focus on. While you’re walking, running or using gym equipment, this image or idea will help you remain firmly on the path to weight loss and resist temptations. Get rid of body fat as well as the heavy self-image issues that are weighing you down with weight loss hypnosis. Our hypnotherapy staff will show you how to shed inches and unhealthy compulsions at the same time, so call our office right now to get started.