omvana-screenshotOmvana is a tool that plays on any browser, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It allows you to instantly get access to the world’s greatest collection of transformative audios.

Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Get Inspired and Do More – All by playing a track on Omvana. And that’s not all…as you read below you’ll see other advantages that have made Omvana the #1 personal growth tool on the planet.

Omvana for Web is an evolution of our iPhone App which hit the #1 spot in Health & Fitness in 30+ countries and received rave reviews from 1.5 million customers all around the world.


You think you know Meditation? Wait till you see how Omvana empowers you to take this practice to the next level…

LINK: More information on Omvana by Mindvalley